Heartfelt Testimonials about Linda Blackman, CSP

Linda Blackman’s clients know she never wants them to be in an awkward position when they are speaking.

That’s why you’ll notice the following testimonials about Linda are very powerful.

Linda goes to great extremes to make sure when you work with her you that you get what want, what she knows you need and more.

Linda’s unique way of expressing herself makes clients laugh and makes learning fun!

One of Linda’s clients who saw the picture of her that you see on this page says:

“How did you get in that position? You look like a ninja warrior! And, that pose just makes me smile because the truth is, you prepared me for any possible situation or position I would find myself in as a speaker!”


What Clients Are Saying

Linda always delivers what she promises and more. She is an outstanding speaker and coach! A great motivator! With her hands-on approach and insights, she fine-tuned my skills and others to handle the media with ease and to present with finesse.
Signature Speaking™ Client
Stuart Hoffman
Chief Economist
PNC Financial Services Group
Linda is an insightful, dynamic woman with a flair for leadership to guide others to success. Her ability to tune into the strength of people as she elevates their success is truly amazing.
Karla Bradis, Signature Speaking Client
Karla Bradis
Wellness Trainer and Coach
Specializing in cranial work
I have much more confidence with my speaking skills now and I feel I can now step before a live audience without swallowing my tongue.
Signature Speaking™ Client
William A. Perry
CFP, Certified Financial Planner
Wealth Adviser & Senior Vice President Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
Over the last several years I have appeared before the public, small and large groups of up to 200+, to discuss & and receive comments on controversial issues. The issues range from the impact of nuclear operations at the FFTF {Fast Flux Test Facility} to the historical health effects of Hanford operations. At times, these meetings were extremely controversial. I have also appeared on live radio and television interviews. Your training helped me to project honesty, sincerity and integrity, and was instrumental in my ability to perform these activities successfully.
Al Farabee
Linda’s unique ways of teaching us how to present, listen, and connect with people, dramatically improved every aspect of our business and even helped everyone with their communication at home. Linda is great speaker, trainer and coach – a fantastic motivator! If you want to have good customer relationships – you need Linda Blackman.
Mark Strahler
Entrepreneur and Executive
As a result of your insight into what makes a good presentation…I have tripled my income…closed the largest sale of my career…Thanks again for sharing your successful techniques!
Martin A. Sporrer
Risk Management and Consulting, Acordia Insurance
Linda is very approachable. I sometimes laugh that behind those warm eyes is a computer assessing, compiling and ready to print out a concise report on what I want to know.
Angela Pernatozi
Video Producer