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People who work with Linda Blackman, CSP, wonder …How can I make a better presentation?

Motivates, Captivates, Stimulates

Linda Blackman, CSP
Certified Speaking Professional

  • What could I do to have better eye contact?
  • What if the media called me for an interview; would I know what to do?
  • If I’m a better storyteller, will I really be a better speaker?
  • I heard laughter helps an audience connect with a speaker: is that true?

Linda Blackman, CSP, realizes that you want the answers to the above and more.

Get Linda’s public speaking expertise via Signature Speaking™

  • Exclusive V.I.P. days where you work 1 on 1 with Linda in a private setting on your Signature Speaking™
  • The highly personalized Signature Speaking™ on skype done 1 on 1 style right from your home or office
  • Easy Signature Speaking™ phone consultations
  • The Signature Speaking™ and Success Mastermind where you are a part of a group of like-minded people taking part in quarterly on-sight gatherings to skyrocket your speaking success
  • The teleseminar series:  Signature Speaking™: Five Easy Steps to Speak Your Way to Success and Get More Business
  • Linda’s events where she speaks – come to one of her events or invite her to be a speaker at your event
  • Linda’s upcoming live event:  Signature Speaking™: Signature Stories, Dynamic Closings and Pleasing the Crowd
  • The Signature Speaking™ Club – a special forum where you get constant access to post your burning questions and have them answered by Linda with input offered by other club members – special monthly membership rates
  • Additional Signature Speaking™ services and products