Public Speaking and Entrepreneurs

If you’re in business, this article will motivate you to be a public speaker. Public speaking can and should become a part of every entrepreneur’s marketing plan. Often, the entrepreneur focuses time on building their business by talking to people one-on-one. It is equally important to talk to larger groups of people via public speaking for three key reasons:

1. Public speaking allows you to leverage the number of people who hear your message in a given moment – a good part of preplanning and enhancing your business plan.
2. Public speaking allows you to share your expertise in the aforementioned leveraged way – reaching more people and becoming involved in the community.
3. Public speaking allows everyone who listens to your words share what you’ve said with others and makes those who hear your message a great extension of your marketing team.

It’s like going back to old fashioned word-of-mouth campaign, still one of the most powerful ways to deliver your message.

Among my clients was a high-tech company. The management team was comprised totally of entrepreneurs who had a story to tell as they took their company public. Their public speaking abilities lacked finesse, passion, and the ability to sell their message and connect with the financial community that would take their message to investors.

They invited me to help them with their public speaking as they took the news of their company and what they had to offer to Wall Street. After some mentoring, they got their story-telling down. However, the excitement and amazing future they saw for their company fell flat in their delivery. I had to motivate them. What to do?

After one of our sessions together I went and bought money clips as a gift from me to each of them. The next morning I asked them to think about all the people their company would employ as well as help with their new technology. I further asked them to visualize how much money they would make when their company went public. The room was filled with broad smiles. They were excited. I then asked them to remember the excitement they were feeling and to let that passion come through in their presentations to Wall Street.

They received their money clips and were puzzled until I asked them to picture their money clips full of hundred dollar bills on an ongoing basis; which would be easy to do if they did their jobs right in presenting their story to Wall Street.  Each of these highly motivated entrepreneurs put their money clips in their pockets. We rehearsed the roadshow they were about to take to Wall Street. They were magnificent. The high-tech company dazzled Wall Street and kept their money clips full.

Today’s Lindaism: Finding the right story to tell to your audience and clients will greatly enhance your business as an entrepreneur. Now, Maybe, Finally every entrepreneur and all of us will prepare for each presentation and deliver our message with inspiration and passion.

Linda Blackman, CSP, is one of only 578 people worldwide to hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation. She co-authored “The Sales Coach” and is featured in numerous books and publications. Linda is an award-winning broadcast journalist. Linda’s company, specializes in helping individuals and companies with sales, public speaking, how to handle the media and crisis communications. Bring in Linda to speak at your events and contact her for coaching and consultation. She can be reached at,

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