A business meeting

Your image while public speaking will make or break you

Keep track of your time during the questions and answer segment when public speaking
Giving a Presentation
Prepare for the Question and Answer Segment

There are many parts to making a good solid, content-based, heart-centered business presentation, sales presentation or for any type of public speaking … whether addressing a group, client or customer.  I’ll be sharing how-to’s you can use on a regular basis here.  So check back frequently.

Please remember, the question and answer segment is often a part of any presentation.  You need to prepare for questions you anticipate from a given audience, client or customer and how you will respond.  Always right down at least three questions expect to be asked and practice your responses. Doing so makes you come across as speaking like a pro and is part of Signature Speaking™.  Check back here for an important Signature Speaking™ tip about how much time to devote to questions and answers in your various presentations.  Your image will suffer if you come across as being unprepared or unknowing in your responses to questions – now you can avoid letting that happen by anticipating questions and practicing your responses.