Sales Presentations, Public Speaking and the Question and Answer Segment

Keep track of your time during the questions and answer segment when public speaking
Giving a Presentation
How to Make Sure You Run on Time

Here’s a quick case study.  Picture the audience to the left listening to John.  John has to give a brief 20 minute sales presentation about a new product to his sales team.  John forgot to take something important into consideration and ran way over on his allotted amount of time to speak and as a result got raked over the coals by his vice president of sales.

Here’s what happened to John.    Be aware of what John learned will help you too in your various presentations.  John was told by his company president that his presentation time must include the question and answer segment.  Every time someone asks you a question, it will take you 1 to 5 minutes to have someone ask that question and for you to respond.  During most presentations, audience members typically ask about three questions when given the opportunity.  John spoke for 20 minutes, and then took questions.  He ran over by ten minutes due to his q and a session running long and really upset his boss.  John learned his lesson the hard way.  Please remember that part of Signature Speaking™ is to factor in time for q and a.  Doing so will help you stay on time and be respectful of other people’s time too.