Body Language and Our Politicians

Hidden Secrets of Body Language
& Our Politicians

Should we listen to their words or body language?

Questions to ask Linda Blackman, CSP, about Body Language

  1. Do you really think we can learn more about our politicians through body language?
  2. What do you mean when you say there are hidden secrets to body language?
  3. What exactly should we look for?
  4. Can you give us some examples? (For this question, we can actually look at some clips of political debates and interviews. If you’d like we can do this sort of analysis right after a live debate or other selected venues.)
  5. Should we be listening to a politician’s words, or body language or both?
  6. How can we use body language in our daily lives?
  7. What does this picture of a pregnant woman have to do with body language and politics? Plenty! Just ask Linda.
    (By the way, the below is a picture of Linda.)

    Linda the day before giving birth to her daughter
    Body Language, Pregnancy and Politics










8.  I’m curious, how can people in business benefit from understanding body language?

9.  How can people learn more about body language and your various products and services?

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