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Linda Blackman, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

A Word From Linda Blackman

Linda Blackman, CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional) is a motivator extraordinaire who combines her background as a sought-after speaker, author, coach, and consultant with her experience as a coast-to-coast television news anchor, reporter, and talk show host to show her audiences how to attain personal greatness in sales, assertiveness, media savvy and presenting. She is motivational, inspirational, and consistently delivers a dynamic message.

Linda works with people just like you —  many are heart-centered entrepreneurs, executives and visionary leaders.

Linda helps turn her clients into dynamic speakers who deliver powerful messages as they share their expertise to given audiences.

Linda Blackman, CSP

CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional)

Linda Makes Speaking History at NSA

Linda is the first person in the history of the National Speakers Association to receive a standing ovation for a 90-second invocation. That minute and a half invocation centered around a story that Linda told about her Grandma Ida which had the audience laughing, crying and giving a standing ovation.

Linda can’t wait to share that invocation with you and explain the process of what she did and how that process so deeply moved the audience.  With the many processes Linda shares with you, you have the opportunity to become a dynamic speaker. Linda motivates, inspires and teaches while she speaks. Best of all, her audiences have fun while they learn!

Linda is one of only 578 people in the world who has received the highest earned designation offered in the speaking industry.  Years ago, in a special ceremony, the National Speakers Association presented Linda with the medal of honor which states on it: “CSP, Certified Speaking Professional.”  Being a Certified Speaking Professional is truly a coveted distinction that is given to a speaker.

Linda was also given the Mayoral Award for Excellence in broadcast journalism for her reporting in Philadelphia while she was at KYW-TV.

Linda Makes NSA Speaking History
Linda is a Certifed Speaking Professional

Linda the Author and Newspaper Columnist

In addition to founding her successful speaking, coaching, consulting and training company, Linda Blackman, CSP is also the co-author of the The Sales Coach — Selling Tips from the Pros. She is a contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul, from the best selling “Chicken Soup” series. Linda is also featured in the best seller, Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul.

Linda is also a newspaper columnist. 

chicken soup for the surviving soul book

Linda’s Broadcasting Background

Linda’s broadcasting career started when she was a newsroom intern, representing Northwestern University,  at super-station WGN-TV and WGN Radio in Chicago.  While at Northwestern, Linda had her own radio show at the university’s radio station, WNUR.  After graduating from Northwestern with Bachelor of Science Degree in Radio, Television and Film Production, Linda became a professional broadcaster as a television news anchor and reporter in Jackson, Michigan at WILX-TV.  Linda began specializing as a consumer reporter in Sacramento, California at KCRA-TV; then at KYW-TV in Philadelphia; then at WNAC-TV in Boston, Massachusetts. Linda was a pioneer in interactive cable television in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and hosted different shows there for QUBE CABLE – a division of Warner Communications.

Here’s a bit of nostalgia from Linda’s broadcasting years!

Take a quick look at Linda from some of her television broadcasting days … when she was a coast-to-coast TV news anchor, reporter and talk show host.

See if you can recognize Linda at the end of this 30-second commercial!

Comments from Those Who Have Brought Linda to Speak at Their Events

Associations, human resources & personnel departments, corporations, salespeople, executives & entrepreneurs have taken advantage of Linda Blackman’s skills and would be happy to share their experiences with you.

Linda always delivers what she promises and more. She is an outstanding speaker and coach! A great motivator! With her hands-on approach and insights, she fine-tuned my skills and others to handle the media with ease and to present with finesse.
Signature Speaking™ Client
Stuart Hoffman
Chief Economist
PNC Financial Services Group
Linda is an insightful, dynamic woman with a flair for leadership to guide others to success. Her ability to tune into the strength of people as she elevates their success is truly amazing.
Karla Bradis, Signature Speaking Client
Karla Bradis
Wellness Coach and Trainer
Specializing in cranial work 
I have much more confidence with my speaking skills now and I feel I can now step before a live audience without swallowing my tongue.
Signature Speaking™ Client
Rick Perry, CFP
Certified Financial Planner
Senior Vice President
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
As a result of your insight into what makes a good presentation…I have tripled my income…closed the largest sale of my career…Thanks again for sharing your successful techniques!
Martin A. Sporrer
Risk Management and Consulting, Acordia Insurance

Way Before Linda was a Broadcast Journalist or Speaker

Linda first realized how important it was to speak and get your points across early in life on phone calls and with her family members at mealtime.  Linda remembers sitting around the dinner table as a young child as her parents, brother and sister were excited to talk about their day and  share experiences and lessons learned.  Linda says:  “We all vied for “air time!”  We all had important points we wanted to communicate to each other.” Little did Linda realize back then, that Dinner Discussions™ began preparing her to easily handle other discussions,opportunities, speaking engagements, a news broadcasting career — all of which would allow her to help her clients in private VIP settings to teleseminars to training to coaching sessions and more.

By the way, people who see this picture with Linda having the phone by her ear, who knew her back then, say she hasn’t changed much in that way other than she has advanced with technology and now has a cell phone by that same ear!

In a manner of speaking, Linda entered the “business world” and realized the importance of presenting and listening at the tender age of 5 with her very own lemonade stand.  For years, she sold more lemonade than any of the other young entrepreneurs in the neighborhood as she visited with each and every customer for as long as they wanted. As a Girl Scout, she sold more Girl Scout cookies than anyone in her troop. Before she hit her teen years, she became a successful AVON representative and people bought from her because they liked her, looked forward to talking with her and because of the way Linda got them excited about Avon products.   As a teenager, Linda took over the top salesperson spot on many days at a high-end women’s shoe salon.  Linda recalls: “I was taught by the lead salesperson to listen to what your customer wants.  Give them what they want.  Give them what you know they need.  And as you give choices, weave in your expertise about the subject at hand.”

Linda Starts a Company to Help You with Public Speaking

Linda founded her company in 1983 which specializes in presentation skills training, media appearance training and communications consulting. Linda,is a professional speaker and trainer who transforms her clients into dynamic communicators. Linda’s company specializes in Signature Speaking™ – just like your signature is unique, your presentations must be unique to express your experiences, expertise and ability to tell signature stories.  Helping you find your signature stories is one of Linda’s specialties.

Whether talking to a group, making a sales presentation, addressing the board of directors, or being interviewed by the media, Linda is available to help you in a private one-on-one VIP session, through targeted group training or as a speaker for your group.

Linda also works with people who must deliver impactful messages to the public in crises situations.  Whether it’s spokesperson training for emergency preparedness planning or making a general announcements, Linda guides spokespersons to be calm, caring, fact-giving, trustworthy messengers with information that must be be heard.

Linda combines her background as an international speaker, trainer, consultant, and coach with her experience as a television newscaster to show you how to ENHANCE YOUR IMAGE BY WINNING EVERY AUDIENCE — small or big! Linda’s dynamic talks on presentation skills, sales, dealing with the media as well as crisis situations and building client relationships — arm her audiences with everything they need to know to get what they want from any situation. And, working with her will do the same for you.