5 Don’ts of Job Interviewing

Job Interviews – What Every Job Applicant Needs to Know


Questions to ask Linda Blackman, CSP, About Job Interviews

Picture of Communications Expert Linda Blackman, CSP
Communications Expert
Linda Blackman
  1. What are the 5 Don’ts of Job Interviewing?
  2. Why are these Don’ts so important?
  3. What are the must do’s a job interview?
  4. What is the worst assumption a job applicant can make?
  5. What sort of follow-up do you recommend an applicant should do after his or her interview?
  6. What should people do if they are feeling nervous about their interview?
  7. I hear that there’s one word that you always tell job applicants to embrace.  What is that word and why is that word so important.
  8. Where can people learn more about your products and services?

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