The news media interview – are you ready?

Chances are at some point in your life time the news media will be knocking on your door for an interview.  Will you be ready?  Learn some easy-to-implement tips to get you ready for every news media interview.   Continue reading …

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Entreprenuers – See How Public Speaking Helps Your Marketing Plan

entrepreneur, public speaking, market plan

If you’re in business, this article will motivate you to be a public speaker. Public speaking can and should become a part of every entrepreneur’s marketing plan. Often, the entrepreneur focuses time on building their business by talking to people … Continue reading

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Public Speaking and Customer Service – How do these work hand in hand?

Old World Public Speaking and Customer Service

My Grandfather had an uncanny way of using public speaking and customer service to take care of his patrons.  In a moment of nostalgia, I thought back to all we can learn from what my Grandfather had to teach us. … Continue reading

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During a business presentation, how would you go the extra mile?

Business Presentations

Here’s a great story about a professional who went the extra mile during a business presentation.  What tips have worked for you?  When you read this article on business presentations, let me know if ysou have ever done anything like … Continue reading

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Public Speaking and Heartfelt Truth

Now Maybe Finally™:  The Miracle of Speaking Truth I want to share with you how someone named Naomi benefited from a conversation we had and the heart-felt observations she made that will help all of us.  Her moving observations will … Continue reading

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Body Language, Public Speaking and Pregnancy

Linda the day before giving birth to her daughter

I often use the picture to the left when talking with people about body language. You are looking at a picture of me the day before I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Stay tuned for further details about this … Continue reading

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Body Language and Presidential Politics

Body Language and Presidential Debates

Body language is in the news more than ever with the presidential election upon us and in the aftermath of the presidential debates.  Good public speaking embraces appropriate and consistent body language.  President Obama and Governor Romney make every effort … Continue reading

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Sales Presentations, Public Speaking and the Question and Answer Segment

Conference attendees

Here’s a quick case study.  Picture the audience to the left listening to John.  John has to give a brief 20 minute sales presentation about a new product to his sales team.  John forgot to take something important into consideration … Continue reading

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Your image while public speaking will make or break you

A business meeting

There are many parts to making a good solid, content-based, heart-centered business presentation, sales presentation or for any type of public speaking … whether addressing a group, client or customer.  I’ll be sharing how-to’s you can use on a regular … Continue reading

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